The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment

Combined Charities

Charity Number 249538

The Charity is an amalgamation of several former charities, now governed by a single Sealed Scheme of the Charity Commissioners, for benevolent purposes.

The Trust Deed stipulates that grants can only be made that meet the following criteria:

  1. Relieving either generally or individually persons who have served in the former Regiments** or are past or present members of the Regiment* and their dependants of such persons who are in condition of need, hardship or distress in such ways as management Trustees think fit
  2. Assisting such persons who have served or are serving as foresaid to seek and obtain employment
  3. Making donations to charitable organisations, hospitals, homes or institutions which include in their objects the assistance of such persons as aforesaid
  4.  Assisting such persons and their dependants to obtain holidays
  5. Promoting the efficiency of the Regiment and maintaining its traditions and esprit de corps
  6. Providing recreational facilities and equipment for persons serving in the Regiment.

*The Regiment means The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.
** Former Regiments means: The Queen's Regiment, The Queen's Royal Regiment, The East Surrey Regiment and successor units namely: The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment and all regular, Territorial Service, Training and other Infantry battalions, Depots, units and sub units of the above whether badged or not bearing the title of any of them.

Applying for a Grant

Funds available for grants amount to some £25,000 per year.

  • Applications for grants must only be made using the application pro-forma (link) to the email or address given, and can be supplemented by additional sheets. This should be brief, but provide enough detail to make clear what the grant (if made) would achieve and who would benefit.
  • The form should be signed-off by a person with appropriate authority.
    • The Trustees meet twice a year to make grants, in April and October.
    • The deadline for submission to the April meeting is 1 March
    • The deadline submission to the October meeting is 1 September

Please note: applications for grants will not be considered outside these times.

The Charity has supported a considerable number of causes and projects, and some examples of these are shown on the following page.

Previous Grants

The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment Combined Charities is committed to supporting our regiment and its forebears.

Numerous financial awards have been made to units including funding for reunions, restoration, repairs, adventure training and contributions to both the Army Benevolent Fund and the National Memorial Arboretum to name but a few.

Some recent examples of the support undertaken by the Charities trustees include:-

  • 2PWRR grant for snorkeling, Kayaking and safety equipment replacing that previously lost/stolen.
  • Surrey Army Cadet Force PWRR received a grant towards Exercise Southern Cross an exchange visit with the Western Australia Cadet Force.
  • Queens OMA was granted a subsidy to allow older veterans partners to attend/travel with them, assisting with costs so they can continue to attend reunions.
  • A coy 3 PWRR were granted a sum towards Display cabinets for memorabilia.
  • 1PWRR were awarded a grant to support participation in Ex Diamond Tiger in the USA
  • Funds were provided to assist with the restoration of the Medenine Gun.

If your unit meets the criteria you may well be entitled to apply for a grant to further support your activities.

If you need advice on making an application, please contact the member of the Grants Committee Trustees as detailed on the application form link below.

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