5th Bn The Queen's Regiment (TA)

The effects on the 3rd and 4th Queen’s Surreys were dramatic. It was decided that the new Regiment’s Volunteer Battalion would be known as the 5th Volunteer Battalion The Queen’s Regiment with Headquarters at Canterbury and (Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Middlesex) in each relative County.

The Surrey Company, to be known as “A” Company, was to be based at Sandfield Terrace Drill Hall, Guildford. Other Companies were to be located at Kingston, Clapham, Chertsey, Cobham, Leatherhead and Croydon. A 6th Battalion (described later) was also to be formed.

The Queen's Regiment Badge
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“A” Company (Queen’s Surreys) 5th (Volunteer) Battalion The Queen’s Regiment, to give them their full title, was composed of men from the old 3rd and 4th Queen’s Surreys. Based at Guildford, travelling difficulties for those living further afield soon became apparent with resulting declines in attendance and efficiency was demonstrated by the low turn-out for the camp at Sennybridge in 1967. A vigorous recruiting drive was therefore begun under Major D Robinson, the Company Commander, to bring the company up to strength and this was helped by a steady influx of new equipment, weapons and vehicles together with issue of new combat kit to each man. Exercises and training, sometimes overseas with regular troops, brought about renewed efficiency with improved morale.

But 1969 saw further re-organisations which would end the life of TAVR III Battalions, reducing 6 Queen’s to a Cadre of 12. Their administration was therefore taken over by 5 Queen’s who also took over Kingston and Hounslow Drill Halls, a bonus for recruiting which eventually brought about an effective unit with seldom less than 150 effective Volunteers.

Successful camps were held in 1969 and in 1970 the Volunteer Company came of age in that, for the first time, training was carried out at Haltern in West Germany under the auspices of 2 RRF. The Volunteers were exercising and training as part of BAOR, to which they would be sent to fight in the event of a European War.


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