Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve

Under the reorganisation of 1967, the Territorial Army was replaced by the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve II and III. T&AVR II consisted of Volunteer units trained to provide immediate reinforcements for the Regular Army in an emergency. Thus, the 5th (Volunteer) Bn The Queen’s Regiment was formed. T&AVR III consisted of Territorial units for home and civil defence. The 3rd and 4th Bns The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment became the 6th (Territorial) Bn The Queen’s Regiment.

This new organisation was not to last for long - in 1969 the Territorial battalions were reduced to cadre and so remained until 1971. In this year a modest expansion of the Reserve Army was approved, and two more Volunteer Battalions, the 6th and 7th, were formed for The Queen’s Regiment. The cadre of the former 6th (Territorial) Bn The Queen’s Regiment became the Headquarters of the new 6th (Volunteer) Bn The Queen’s Regiment, while the companies were formed from four other Territorial cadres, three of them Royal Artillery. In 1975, the 6th and 7th Volunteer Battalions amalgamated to form the 6/7th Volunteer Bn The Queen’s Regiment.


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