East Surrey Regiment BadgeThe East Surrey RegimentEast Surrey Regiment Badge


Photograph of the late Duke of Kent

Photograph of the late Duke of Kent

It was presented to the officers of the 1st Bn The East Surrey Regiment in Hong Kong in early 1926 when Prince George was serving there with the China Squadron. He was a frequent visitor to the Surreys Officers’ Mess, and was a particular friend of Lieut R A Chidson of that battalion. Later when he was stationed in Gibraltar he came to the 2nd Bn The East Surrey Regiment Officers’ Mess as a private guest on several occasions.

During his association with The East Surrey Regiment, he wrote to his father King George V, and asked him if he could become Colonel of The East Surrey Regiment. The King is reputed to have replied “No! - nor of any other regiment. You are far too young!” The late Major ‘Rosie’ Sutton was shown the actual letter written by the King to Prince George.


31st Regiment George III Tray

31st Regiment George III Tray

A silver antique oval tray with reeded handles. It was made by P & A Bateman in 1799. It has an engraved badge of the 31st and an inscription:-

“Presented to the Mess 31st Regt by the undermentioned Officers”.
Captain E M Lambert,   Captain D D Chadwick,
Captain J F Bevan,   Surgeon Major Tucker
Captain E Morant   Lieut C G Newington
Captain R H Turpin   Lieut C A C Cumine
Captain A S Reynolds   Lieut P H T Fellowes
Captain H Beville   Lieut W E Stokes
Captain H Butler
Oct 1873


The Candelabra


There are two large and two smaller Candelabra very strongly made in the form of growing vines. There is no record from where they were obtained, nor is there any inscription. It is known that they were in use in the Officers’ Mess of 1st Bn The East Surrey Regiment in 1883. On amalgamation in 1959, they were used by 1st Bn The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment and then later by 1st Bn The Queen’s Regiment. They are now in the care of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.


Display of silver trophies

silver trophies

Back Row: Clarke Cup “All Ireland Army Rifle Meeting 1912. Officer’s Cup 600 yards. 2nd Prize. Won by 2/Lieutenant E G H Clarke and presented to Lt. Col J R Longley and the Officers 1st East Surrey Regt. Cawnpore Hockey Cup. 1902. “Won by 1st Batt. East Surrey Regiment. Games played 7. Score for, 49 goals, against, Nil”. Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Cup. “Aldershot Command Rifle Meeting 1905. Team Competition won by 1st East Surrey Regiment”. Stoneham Cup “Presented to the Colonel, Major General Sir J R Longley, KCMG, and the Officers 31st (East Surrey) Regt. by Captain H F Stoneham, OBE on his retirement. Egyptian Command Rifle Meeting May 1922. “Officers Match First Prize. Presented to the Officers 1st Bn The East Surrey Regt. by the Team. Capt. F A Bowring, Capt G E Swinton, Lieut. D J Allfree, Lieut A E Cottam, Lieut C A Clark, Lieut R P P Pope, Lieut E J Cooper”.

Front Row: Pachmarhi Polo Tournament 1899. “Won by Pachmarhi Team. 1. V J Birbeck, East Surrey Regt, 2. Capt J R Longley, East Surrey Regt. 3. R M Yorke, XI Hussars. 4. A N D Fagan, 1/Lancers H C”. Bayonet Fighting Cup. “All Ireland Bronze Medal Tournament, 1914. Officers Bayonet Teams 1st Prize. Capt. Campbell. Lt Darwell. Lt Clarke. 2/Lt Morritt. 2/Lt Swinton”. Murray Cup. “Lucknow Paperchase Races June 1900. The Pony Steeplechase 2nd Prize. Won by Shamrock. Presented to the Officers 1st Batt. East Surrey Regt. by Lieut L Murray”. Aldershot Command Rifle Meeting 1905. “Officers Challenge Cup Competition. 3rd Prize. Team. Major Longley, Major Packman, Capt. Ashton, Capt May, Lt & QM Ford, Lieut Creaghe, 2/Lieut Campbell, 2/Lieut Paton”. Bowring Cup. “Army Athletic Meeting Aldershot 1910. 1⁄4 mile Flat Race Army Championships 1st Prize. Won by Lieutenant F A Bowring and presented to the Officers 1st Battn East Surrey Regiment”. Cadre Cup. “Presented to the Officers 1st Battalion East Surrey Regiment by the Officers of the Cadre on returning from Active Service April 22 1919. Maj M J Minogue DSO MC. Capt G W H Rowe, Lt G W Kennedy MC, Lt A L Sutton MC, Lt T H Yalden MC, Lt A E Cottam MC 14th Infantry Brigade afterwards 95th Infantry Brigade 5th Division”. Brancker Cup “To the Officers 1st Battn East Surrey from Captain Sefton D Brancker 1908”. Blackwood Cup. “Lucknow Paperchase Races June 1901. The Pony Steeplechase 2nd Prize. Won by Blood Orange. Presented to the Officers 1st Battn East Surrey Regiment by 2nd Lieut F E Blackwood”. Drake Cup. “Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps Rifle Meeting 1925. Open Competition. Won by Major J F Drake, 1st Batt. The East Surrey Regt. and presented to the Officers of the Battalion”.

The East Surrey Regiment Silver


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