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Taku Forts Jug

The Taku Forts Jug

In 1860, a British Force of some 10,000 men was dispatched to China to enforce a Treaty made a few years earlier. The 31st, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel F Spence, as part of this force, were landed at Hong Kong on 23rd April. In July, it was decided to attack and capture the Taku Forts the guns of which had been the cause of a serious naval defeat in 1859.

On 21st August, the British captured the Forts after a gallant resistance. Later, a detachment of the Regiment was subsequently stationed there and it was the officers of this detachment who purchased and presented to the Regiment the Taku Forts Jug. The Garrison of Tienstin was to become well known to both battalions of The Queen’s between the wars.

It is inscribed: -
“Presented to the Officers 31st Regiment by the detachment of that Corps stationed at the South Taku Forts, China, during the winter 1860-1861”

The undermentioned officers were members of the Garrison at Tienstin.

Major R Eager   Capt T E Swettenham
Lieut A Jabb   Capt G Bayley
Lieut T Gardiner   Lieut R F Gould
Lieut A C Gow   Lieut H P Deane
Asst Surg W Grant    


The Huntingdonshire Goblets

The Huntingdonshire Goblets

Presented to the Officers of the 31st Regiment on promotion by the following Officers:-
Capt H P Deane 4th September 1867
Lieut R W F Phillips 25th December 1867
Capt F W H D Butler 26th December 1867
Lieut C H Leathern 11th April 1868
Capt R L Leir 23rd December 1868
Lieut F W H D Ward 23rd December 1868
Lieut A F W Boyle 30th June 1869
Lieut T Taylor 27th February 1869
Capt R P Crojier 16th March 1870
Capt R T Masefield 25th January 1871
Lieut C H D Passy 25th January 1871
Surgeon-Maj T Babington 28th May 1876


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