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In 1967, after the formation of the Large Regiment, The Queen’s, the silver initially remained with the four regular battalions, the 1st Battalion holding original Queen’s Royal and East Surrey silver, the 2nd Battalion, Buffs and Queen’s Own Royal West Kent silver, the 3rd Battalion - Royal Sussex silver and the 4th Battalion Middlesex Regiment silver. After the 4th Battalion was disbanded a selection of silver was re-distributed among the other battalions. Once again, silver boards were convened and further sales of surplus silver were held. The Queen’s Regiment were the proud possessors of some of the loveliest pieces of silver in the Army as the photo below shows part of the 1st Battalion’s silver. Many of the pieces of silver, familiar to old Queen’s and Surrey members can be seen in this photo.

The Queen's Regiment

1st Bn The Queen's Regiment. Display of Regimental Silver, Anglo-German week,
Commerz Bank, Werl 1977.


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