The Chapel of The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment

In the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Guildford

The Mottoes, Sphinx, and Cypher of Queen Catherine

The Mottoes

“Pristinae Virtutis Memor”, may be translated as “Mindful of the Gallant Actions of the past”, and “Vel Exuviae Triumphant” as “Even in defeat there can be triumph”.

The origins of both mottoes are obscure. It seems probable that “Pristinae Virtutis Memor” was awarded to the Regiment at some time in commemoration of its ancient services at Tangier.

It was long a tradition that “Vel Exuviae Triumphant” commemorated the fighting at Tongres in 1703 when Lord Portmore’s Regiment with a Dutch Regiment held up the advance of 40,000 French for 28 hours and enabled the Allied army to assemble.

sphinxThe Sphinx - superscribed ‘Egypt’

This grille was given by the 24th London Regiment (7th Queen’s) Old Comrades Association. The insignia was embroidered on the Regimental Colour as a Battle Honour, commemorating the Regiment’s part in the Egyptian Campaign of 1801. This involved an assault landing in Aboukir Bay, several actions en route to Cairo and the final capitulation of the French at Alexandria.

cypherThe Cypher of Queen Catherine within the Garter

The 4th Battalion The Queen’s Royal Regiment Old Comrades’ Association and the people of Croydon (The Mayor of Croydon’s Fund) gave this grille. The insignia consists of two ‘C’s interlaced, with the crown above them, and commemorates the association of the Regiment with Charles II’s Queen Catherine of Braganza. From its inception the Regiment was graciously permitted to bear her cypher upon its Colours.



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