The Chapel of The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment

In the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Guildford

The Chairs

The steps leading to the altar. The altar rail can be seen with the HMS Excellent Badge top left and right of the picture.

The Chairs

There are seventy-three chairs of plain English oak and each one is the gift of an individual or a unit. All bear the donor’s name on silver plates made, given and affixed by the Shipwrights of HMS EXCELLENT.

The chairs given by units are as follows:

Seven by 2nd Infantry Battalion, The City of Newcastle Regiment, Australia

One by the Holding Company, Home Counties Brigade Depot

Four by The Northern Rhodesia Regiment

One by the 2/7th Battalion, The Queen’s Royal Regiment, in memory of Lieutenant Colonel D C Baynes DSO MC

Two by the 11th Battalion ‘The Queen’s’ OCA, in memory of ‘Our Fallen’ 1914-1918

Two by the Sergeants’ Mess, The Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment) Toronto, Canada

Four by The Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment) Toronto, Canada

The chairs given by individual Ladies, Officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeants are as follows:


Colonel D G Adams DSO OBE TD.

Two by Major W L Hodges TD.

Lieutenant Colonel H L Adams TD.

Christopher Hughes.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Adams TD.

Rosemary Hughes.

Brigadier A P Block CB CBE DSO.

Veronica Hughes.

Captain T F Bonnett.

Brigadier H N A Hunter DSO.

Major and Mrs C F Cole.

Lieutenant Colonel M T N Jennings.

Major F W H Denton.

Captain H C Millman.

Colonel H G Duncombe DSO.

Sergeant F T Roche.

Colonel L C East DSO OBE.

Captain H B Secretan MC.

CSM E E Elsey.

Major D C Snowdon TD.

Major L V Fane Gladwin.

Daphne Stoddart.

Major R C G Foster MC.

Brigadier J Sykes-Wright DSO OBE.

General Sir George and Lady Giffard.



Mrs Bathgate, in memory of her husband, Lieutenant Colonel D E Bathgate.

Colonel R G Clarke CMG DSO MBE, in memory of Lieutenant Colonel L C Bushell VC DSO.

Major E B G Clowes MBE, in memory of Lieutenant Colonel T V Close DSO.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Cox OBE TD Commanding Officer 2 Infantry Battalion, City of Newcastle Regiment, Australia.

Mrs Margaret Crofts and daughter Penelope Fitzgerald in memory of Lieutenant Colonel L M Crofts DSO.

Mrs K S Denton, in memory of her husband Major J W M Denton.

Mrs G N Dyer, in memory of her husband Colonel G N Dyer CBE DSO and of her son Lieutenant G C G Dyer.

Mrs Mangles, in memory of her husband Brigadier General R H Mangles CB CMG DSO

Robin Sheppard, in memory of her father Lieutenant Colonel D E Bathgate

Mrs A W Tufnell, in memory of her husband Colonel A W Tufnell CMG, The Queen’s Royal Regiment

Major W Watford, in memory of Major E T R Jenyns.

Two by Chief Officer C E Kendall Carpenter THS (Retd), in memory of All Queen’s.

Old Whitgiftians and Lieutenant Colonel J W Wayte MC TD RAMC.

Two by RSM A L Stent BEM, in memory of his wife Elizabeth.

Three by Lieutenant Colonel D L Lloyd-Owen DSO OBE MC, in memory of Captain C E W Hull MC, Major M L Mansel and Lieutenant J D Sparkes.

Three by Brigadier P H Richardson DSO OBE.

Four by Lady Mary Monro and members of the family, in memory of General Sir Charles Monro Bart GCB GCSI GCMG ADC, Colonel, The Queen’s Royal Regiment 1920-1929.


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