The Chapel of The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment

in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Guildford

The Hassocks

Chapel of The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment, hassocks

The design of the hassocks was by Lady Maufe and consists of the Paschal Lamb on the Cathedral background of sky and hill surrounded by a border in the regimental colours.

The hassocks were embroidered by the ladies and friends of the Regiment, as follows:


Mrs R K Asser

Mrs H Gill

Mrs F J C Piggott

Mrs D de S Barrow

Mrs F E B Girling

Miss P Piggott

Mrs D W G Bartlett

Mrs G H W Goode

Mrs G Ram

Mrs D E Bathgate

Mrs C B Gray

Mrs S K Rawson

Major A C Beach TD

Miss G Gray

Mrs M F Reynolds

Mrs I D Beattie

Mrs H M W Harris

Mrs P H Richardson

Mrs G N Bradnock

Mrs T Hart-Dyke

Mrs D Robinson

Miss G Bradnock

Mrs C J D Haswell

Mrs C B Rodger

Mrs R M Burton

Mrs H R D Hill

Mrs R C H Saunders

Mrs B E L Burton

Mrs H Hull

Miss E Scott WRNS

Miss A Burton

Mrs M T N Jennings

Mrs G C Sharpe

Miss Jill Burton

Mrs E T R Jenyns

Mrs D C Snowdon

Miss Jonna Burton

Mrs J H F Johnson

Mrs K Stoddart

Mrs R G F Bushell

Mrs J B H Kealy

Mrs W J F Sutton

Mrs R Casement

Mrs J W Kemp

Mrs J Sykes-Wright

Miss J Cheesewright

Mrs F A H Ling

Mrs J R Terry

Mrs B Cheeseman

Mrs D L Lloyd Owen

Mrs T Trotman

Mrs R Clarke

Mrs M E M MacWilliam

Mrs A J S Tuke

Mrs G B Curtis

Mrs J W M Mansel

Mrs J Y Whitfield

Mrs J W M Denton

Mrs M Marshal

Mrs D Wiggin

Mrs M J Doyle

Mrs G E Mileham

Mrs H Wilson

Mrs H G Duncombe

Mrs D Mountford

Mrs K Yonwin

Mrs P A W G Durrant

Mrs C H Nice

Mrs P M C Zehntner

Mrs P S Field

Mrs B Noke

Mrs M Perrett-Young

Frimley & Camberley Cadet Corps

Mrs S W Peet



The Record book
A full description of the chapel, its decoration, furnishings and a list of donors are contained in a bound Record Book in a sealed case which is permanently kept in the Chapel.
The Medals on display on top of the Record Book were the gift of the following ladies in memory of their brother, Sergeant George Stuart Godson, Military Medal, The Queen's Royal Regiment.
Mrs D Walton, Mrs KI Smart, Miss ME Godson and Miss WE Godson.


The Chapel from the Altar steps


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