General Sir Colin Halkett GCB


General Sir Colin Halkett GCBSir Colin was promoted Lieutenant Colonel on the 17th November 1803, Colonel, 1st January 1812, Major General 4th June 1814, Lieutenant General 22nd July 1830.

Sir Colin was appointed from the 71st Regiment to the Colonelcy of the 31st on 28th March 1838. At that time the Regiment was in India where it had been for fourteen years and sustained heavy losses through sickness. Fresh detachments were sent out from England and by 1842 Sir Colin’s regiment at Agra were mustering “996 bayonets and in a high state of efficiency”. He transferred to the 45th Regiment on 12th July 1847.

He had received a cross for Albuhera, Salamanca, Vittoria and the passage of the Nive and was severely wounded at Waterloo.



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