General Thomas Clarke


He was the son of Charles Clarke, M.P for Whitchurch, Hants, and Baron of the Exchequer.

Captain in Duke of Bedford’s Foot (raised for the ’45), 27th September 1745; Half -Pay on disbandment 1746; Hon. C. Howard’s (19th Foot), 2nd February 1747; Lieutenant and Captain Coldstream Guards, 15th May 1749; Captain and Lieutenant Colonel 4th March 1761; Brevet Colonel 11th June 1773; 2nd Major, 8th September 1775; Major-General, 29th August 1777; Lieutenant-General, 20th November 1782; General, 3rd May 1796; A.D.C to the King 27th July 1773; Colonel of the 31st Foot 3rd May 1780; 30th Foot, 8th February 1792.

He was present with the Guards in the Expedition against Cherbourg and St. Malo, 1759 and took part in the Expedition against Charleston, South Carolina under Sir Henry Clinton in 1779. He was Bailiff of Godmanchester 1762, 1770, 1779 and 1797.

Died at Bath, 26th October 1799.

During his term of command the 31st were embarked on board ships of the Fleet at Spithead when war with Spain appeared likely and for a time it seemed that they would revert to a Marine capacity. But the crisis passed without further development.


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