Lieutenant General Sir Edward Barnes


Lieutenant General Sir Edward BarnesBorn at Beech-Hill Park, near Barnet, in 1776, Sir Edward commenced his career as an Ensign in the 47th Regiment in November 1792, becoming a Lieutenant on 8th May 1793, and was gazetted into the 86th Regiment on 30th October. He became a Captain in the 99th Regiment on 11th February 1793, a Major in the 79th Regiment on 17th February 1800 and a Lieutenant Colonel in the 46th Regiment on 23rd April 1807. On 25th July 1810 he was a Colonel, and promoted Major General on 4th June 1813. He was Lieutenant Governor of Dominica 1808 - 1812 and was gazetted Lieutenant Governor of Antigua in December 1813 although he did not take up the appointment.

Serving in the Peninsula, to which he was appointed on the staff in 1812, he commanded a brigade at the battles of Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle and Orthes, receiving a Cross and three clasps. Further service in the Netherlands and France in 1815 as Adjutant General caused him to be severely wounded at Waterloo. Resulting from the campaign, he received further decorations in the form of the Austrian Order of Maria and the Russian Order of St Anne 1st Class. He was further nominated KCB. Colonel of the Fourth Garrison Battalion 1815 - 1816, he became Colonel of the 99th Regiment on 24th October 1816. Three years later he was appointed to the staff in Ceylon and from 1820 - 1822 he was Colonel of the 1st Battalion, Rifle Regiment.

Following an appointment as Colonel of the 78th Regiment on 25th August 1822, he became Lieutenant General on 27th May 1825. From January 1824 until October 1831 he was Governor of Ceylon, and on 24th February 1831 he was made GCB. This was followed on 7th June by him becoming Commander-in-Chief in India, an appointment he held until May 1833 with the local rank of General. He became Colonel of the 31st Regiment on 14th October 1834. Earlier in the same year, in July 1834, he had entered politics, contesting the seat of Sudbury as a Conservative. Following a tied vote, he gained the seat on the casting selection of the returning officer, but he lost the seat in the general election of the following year. He regained it at the next election in 1837. He died in Piccadilly on 19th March 1838 at the age of 62 and was the subject of suitable memorials in Ceylon.


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