Lieutenant General The Lord Dacre CB


Born on 27th July 1777 as Henry Otway Brand, he adopted the family surname of Trevor in 1824 and succeeded to the peerage, as the 21st Lord Dacre, in 1851. In common with most of his contemporaries, his younger years were committed to the two decades of conflict with France and her Allies. According to a biographer, “he was distinguished in the Peninsular war”, and was appointed a Commander of the Order of the Bath for his services.

Lord Dacre died on 2nd June 1853. The six years of his Colonelcy witnessed rapid advances in the nation’s industries and almost revolutionary pressures in its social structure. The army was frequently required to aid the civil authorities in containing the unrest resulting from the repeal of the Corn Laws and the growth of the Chartist movement. It was required also to be much more mobile than in the past. In November 1847, when trouble loomed in Manchester, the Regiment moved there from Walmer by railway, having received its orders via the new electric telegraph.



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