General Gage John Hall


He was gazetted Ensign on 29th May 1783 and was later promoted Captain on the 16th December 1744. Lieutenant Colonel promotion came on 1st January 1801 followed by promotion to Major General, 4th June 1813, Lieutenant General, 27th March 1825 and General, 23rd November 1841.

General Hall was appointed in January 1832 at a time when the Regiment was in Ireland on security duties. In 1834 they embarked for foreign service in such stations as Gibraltar, Malta and the West Indies, but returned to Ireland in 1845. From there they went to India in 1849.

During General Hall’s time the Regiment was often operating in small dispersed detachments in Ireland and it suffered ravages of cholera while in India. It must have been difficult to maintain a form of cohesion in such circumstances. General Hall died in 1854.

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