General Thomas James Galloway


General Thomas James GallowayGeneral Galloway was gazetted Ensign, by purchase, 13th September 1821; Lieutenant, 2nd June 1825; Captain by purchase, 27th December 1827; Brevet Major, 23rd November 1841; Major, 14th June 1842; Lieutenant Colonel, 22nd December 1848; Colonel, 28th November 1854; Major General, 27th March 1863; Lieutenant General, 7th December 1871; General, 1st October 1877. He was appointed Colonel 70th Foot, 7th September 1874.

General Galloway was actively employed in Jamaica during the insurrection of the Negroes in 1831-32 in Command of a Detachment of the 33rd Regiment. Commanded the Peshawar brigade during the Indian mutiny in 1857-58 (Medal) as Brigadier of the 1st Class, which appointment he retained until his embarkation with the last Division of the 70th Regiment for New Zealand in March 1861. On promotion to Major General he commanded the Colonial Forces in the province of Auckland from July 1863 to February 1865, during the operations in the North Island (Medal).

He died in New Zealand in 1881 having been the last Colonel of the 70th Regiment who were merged with the 31st Regiment in the same year to form the newly constituted East Surrey Regiment.



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