Colonel Andrew Rutherford, The Earl of Teviot


The Tangiers Garrison

Andrew Rutherford, Earl of Teviot, was from a Scottish family, and commanded a battalion of Scots Guards in the French service for several years. He attained the rank of Lieutenant General, in France, and enjoyed considerable reputation for his military talents. At the Restoration he accompanied King Charles II to England, and having been especially recommended to the notice of his sovereign by Louis XIV, was created, in 1661, Lord Rutherford. He was appointed, on the 22nd of May, 1661, to succeed Sir Edward Harley as Governor of Dunkirk, which he held until the place was sold and delivered up to the French in 1662: on the 2nd February, 1663, he was advanced to the dignity of Earl of Teviot. His service as Colonel was regretfully of short duration.

Appointed to the Regiment on 9th April 1663, he was soon energetically at work in Tangier where he set about building the outlying forts and where his tireless enthusiasm inspired the garrison. Unfortunately a disastrous reconnaissance operation with a force outside the defensive lines led to an ambush by the Moors when he and over twenty officers and 396 NCOs and men were killed on 4th May 1664.


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