Colonel Henry Norwood


The Tangiers Garrison

Henry Norwood was born in 1615. He was active in the Royalist cause at the outbreak of civil war in England. In 1649, after the beheading of Charles I, Henry fled with friends to Virginia where his cousin, Sir William Berkeley, was governor. Author of “A Voyage to Virginia”, describing their trip. In 1658 Henry returned to Holland, then to England and was active in the efforts to restore the Stuarts. At the Restoration in 1660, Henry took part in the coronation ceremony of Charles II as Esquire of the Body. Henry was made treasurer of VA 1661-1673.

He was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Tangier until a successor to Lord Billasye was named (see following entry).

During his period of Command, Gayland (the war lord of Northern Morocco, a valiant but scheming foe who had strongly opposed the English occupation of Tangier from the outset), was hard pressed by his Moorish enemies and took refuge in Tangier with 360 of his followers, men, women and children, and including his harem.

Henry Norwood never married; he returned to England and bought Leckhampton from his cousin, Francis Norwood. He died on the 14th September 1689 and is buried in Leckhampton Parish Church with his grandfather, William, who died in 1632.


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