General Sir John Spink KH


General Sir John SpinkBorn in 1783 in Staithes, North Yorkshire, he was commissioned as an Ensign in the 12th Foot on 2nd September 1806; Lieutenant 9th March 1807; Captain 13th October 1812; transferred to 4th Foot 8th November, 1821; Major by purchase, 92nd Foot 13th May 1824; Lieutenant Colonel, by purchase, 20th May 1826, 23rd November, 1841 Brevet Colonel, Major General 11th November, 1851; Colonel 2nd Foot, The Queen's 28th May 1857. Promoted Lieutenant General 26th October 1858 and General, 12th January, 1865.

He served with the Light Company of the 12th Foot in several actions in Travancore War, East Indies. Severely wounded through the leg when leading a night attack against the enemy's position at St. Mary, in the Island of Bourbon; present also at the capture of the "Isle of France," where his Company, armed with rifles, formed the advance, immediately on the disembarkation of the troops, and with which he was constantly engaged with the enemy during the three days' march on Port Louis.

In 1820 he married Charlotte Beaumont McCumming, daughter of John McCumming, Captain, 31st Foot, Seigneur of Grand Vallee de Montes, Lower Canada and Charlotte Beaumont of Kirkheaton, Yorkshire.

There were no children of the marriage. He was awarded the KH in 1835.

He died on the 14th March 1877 at his residence, Clifton House, 8 Norwood Park and he and his wife are buried in Shirley Parish Church.


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