Major General Alexander Stewart


Born at Afton, in Wigtonshire, Major General Stewart was appointed an Ensign in the 37th Foot on 8th April 1755. After successive promotions he became a Lieutenant Colonel in the 3rd Foot (later The Buffs) in 1775.

Proceeding overseas for service in the American Revolution, the Regiment disembarked at Charleston in South Carolina on 3rd June 1781. A war of movement between British and American forces followed. The British commander of the field force, Lord Rawdon, became ill and was sent back to England with the result that command of the force, now concentrated at Orangeburg, devolved upon Lieutenant Colonel Stewart.

Supply difficulties eventually caused him to retire to Eutaw Springs where a bitter but inconclusive engagement followed, both sides claiming victory in this action which was virtually the last in the war. Stewart was slightly wounded in the elbow.

In May 1782 the Regiment sailed for Jamaica under the command of Colonel Stewart who had been promoted on the 16th of the month. Further promotion to Major General on 1st May 1790, Stewart commanded the First Brigade of British Infantry in Flanders in 1794. He became Colonel of the 2nd Queen’s in November 1793 and died in December 1794.


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