Major General William Selwyn


William Selwyn served in the Army of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, in the time of King Charles II, and afterwards held a commission under the British Crown. In 1688 he was nominated Captain and Lieutenant Colonel in the Second Foot Guards, with which Corps he served in Flanders, and in 1691 King William gave him the Colonelcy of the Second Foot, vacant by the decease of Lieutenant General Kirke.

He served at the head of his regiment at the Battle of Landen on the 29th July 1693, and distinguished himself under the eye of his Sovereign; he also served at the siege of Namur, in the summer of 1695, and was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General during the siege.

He subsequently commanded a Brigade of Infantry in the Netherlands, under King William III, who nominated him Governor of the Island of Jamaica. He exchanged to the Twenty Second Regiment in 1701 as Colonel and was promoted to the rank of Major General on the 10th June 1702.

He died in June 1702.


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