Colonel H H Walker TD

Commanding Officer - The East Surrey Regiment

Colonel H H WalkerCommanded 6th Bn The East Surrey Regiment from 1957. 1st May 1954 to 30th April

Hubert Horace Walker, known as 'Humphrey' was educated at Felstead School and commissioned in 6th Bn The East Surrey Regiment in March 1935. In 1938 he was a member of the Battalion Tug 0' War Team that competed at Olympia. On the doubling of the Territorial Army in 1939 he was appointed adjutant of the 2/6th Battalion and had the vast and novel administrative work of mobilising the Battalion. He served as adjutant in England and France until June 1940 when the remnants of the Battalion were ordered to surrender at St'Valery and he became a prisoner of war. He was Mentioned in Despatches for his sterling work in the desperate fighting before the surrender of France. In 1947 he joined the reconstituted 6th Battalion and served as company commander, second-in-command and eventually commanding officer. On completion of his tour in 1957 he was promoted Colonel and appointed Training Colonel of 131st Infantry Brigade (TA).

He died on January 7th 1992

For details of his service see the Journal of The East Surrey Regiment Vol. VII No.4 page 140.

For obituary see QRSNL May 1992 page 36


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