Lt Col C O'N Wallis MC

Commanding Officer - The East Surrey Regiment

Lt Col C O'N Wallis MCCommanded 1st Bn The East Surrey Regiment from May 1956 to November 1958.

Clive O'Neill Wallis was born on 16th October 1913 and was educated at Cranleigh School. He was commissioned in The East Surrey Regiment in August 1935 from the supplementary reserve of officers and joined the 2nd Battalion.

A fine athlete he excelled at Rugby winning his cap for Ireland in 1935 and representing the Army for four successive years until he accompanied the Battalion to Shanghai in 1938.

In the Malayan Campaign he was a company commander in the 2nd Battalion and after the formation of The British Battalion (1 Leicester’s and 2 Surreys) he became adjutant.

He was awarded the Military Cross for his leadership and courage which he continued to demonstrate during three and a half years of appal1ing conditions and treatment as a prisoner of the Japanese. After qualifying at the Staff College, Camberley in 1946 he held various staff appointments and from December 1949 to February 1953 was an Instructor at the RMA Sandhurst.

Later he was 2 i/c of 1st Bn The Parachute Regiment until May 1956 when he was appointed to command 1st Bn The East Surrey Regiment. When his tour as commanding officer ended in November 1958 he was appointed Commandant of the Army Physical Training School at Aldershot which appointment he retained until his retirement from the Army on 1st January 1960.

He died on 26th October 1981.

For obituary see The Queen's Royal Surrey Regimental Association Newsletter No.31 May 1982 page 11.


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