Lt Col R S S Paton

Commanding Officer - The East Surrey Regiment

Lt Col R S S PatonCommanded 2nd Bn The East Surrey Regiment from 8th April 1931 to 8th April 1935.

Ramsay Slade Stirling Paton, known as 'Pat' to his friends, was born on 31st March 1884. He was commissioned in The East Surrey Regiment from Militia (The Yorkshire R G A) on 4th June 1904 and joined the 1st Battalion with whom he served in England, Jersey and Ireland until April 1912 when he was seconded for service with the Royal West African Frontier Force until September 1916. During this period he took part in the campaign in the Cameroons.

He returned to UK and served with 14th Bn The Queen's Royal Regiment (a labour battalion) in France and as adjutant in Salonika until September 1917. After a period in hospital he was appointed in April 1918 as Instructor at the RMC Sandhurst where he was known by the Gentlemen Cadets as 'Pampas Grass' on account of his tall stories about life in West Africa. In November 1922 he rejoined the 1st Battalion with whom he served in Egypt, Sudan, China and India. In January 1931 he returned to UK as he had been selected to command the 2nd Battalion from April 1931. After completing his tour of command in April 1935 he was placed on the half pay list and retired from the Army on 18th January 1936. For some details of service see the Journal of The East Surrey Regiment (Old Series) Vol II No 47 February 1931 page 12.

He died on 24th February 1965 at the age of 80

For obituary see the Journal of The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment Vol 2 No 3 May 1965 page 198.


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