Brigadier PH Richardson DSO OBE

Brigadier PH RichardsonCommanded 2/6th Bn The Queen's Royal Regiment from April 1945 to June 1945.

Philip Herbert Richardson was born on 23rd July 1909 and was educated at Charterhouse. He was commissioned in The Queen's Royal Regiment in August 1930. He served with the 1st Battalion in China and India from 1931 to 1937 and the Depot from 1938 to 1941 and then the Staff College, Camberley. He was a Brigade Major from October 1941 until July 1942 when he was appointed 2 i/c of the 2/5th Battalion. He served with that Battalion in England, Iraq and North Africa until September 1943 when he was appointed to command 7th Bn The Green Howards in Sicily and the assault landing on 6th June 1944 (D Day) in Normandy where he was wounded, taken prisoner and escaped. After sick leave he became AAG Cairo from January to April 1945 when he was appointed to command 2/6th Bn The Queen's Royal Regiment. He joined them at Lake Trasimene and led the Battalion during the final offensive in Italy.

He then was promoted to command 169th (Queen's) Brigade from June 1945 to September 1946. He was made an OBE in March 1945 and awarded the DSO in August 1945. From November 1946 to November 1948 he was GSO I (Intel) War Office and from January 1949 to February 1950 was AQMG (Ops) GHQ Fayid.

Fom February 1950 to November 1951 he commanded 1st Bn The Royal Sussex Regiment in Aquaba and Suez. After further staff appointments including a period as an instructor at the Royal Naval College he was DAW (Trg) Amph Warfare HQ from April 1952 to September 1954 when he was appointed to command 160th (Welsh) Infantry Brigade from October 1954 to October 1957. From January 1958 to December 1960 he was Provost Marshall of the Army.

He retired from the Army on 14th January 1961.

He died on March 19, 1994,

Obituary of Brig P. H. Richardson of The Queen's Royal Regiment and RMP. QRSRNL May 1994 p48.


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