Lt Col P M A Taylor MC

Lt Col P M A TaylorCommanded 2/6th Bn The Queen's Royal Regiment from January 1945 to April 1945 and from June 1945 to December 1945.

Peter Mandeville Aldersley Taylor was born on 25th January 1913. He served in the ranks for 351 days and after attending OCTU was granted Regular Army Emergency Commission in The Queen's Royal Regiment in Aug 1940. He served with the 2/6th Battalion in England, Iraq, North Africa and Italy. He took part in the fighting at Enfidaville and the landing at Salerno.

In September 1944 he was appointed 2 i/c of the 2/6th Battalion and commanded it from January 1945 when Lt Col Renshaw was invalided home to April 1945 when Lt Col Richardson was appointed to command. In June 1945 he succeeded to the command of the Battalion on Lt Col Richardson’s promotion to command 169th (Queen's) Brigade. In December 1945 he relinquished command.

He was granted a Regular Army Commission in The Queen's Royal Regiment in December 1946 and was appointed Training Major of Home Counties Brigade Training Centre at Shorncliffe. He then attended a full parachuting course at Airborne Forces Depot, Aldershot after which he was appointed 2 i/c of 8/9th Parachute Battalion. When that Battalion was disbanded he joined the 2nd Battalion (1 Para Brigade) in Germany.

In 1949 as a result of a serious rugger accident he was medically downgraded and then transferred to the RASC where he commanded 1 (Br) Corps Troops Column. Later he was for two years 2 i/c at Airborne Forces Depot, Aldershot and then ADST, Northern Command. He was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in May 1944 and a bar to it in July 1944. He was Mentioned in Despatches in November 1945.

He retired from the Army on 25th January 1961.


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