Badge1876-1991 Stoughton BarracksBatch

1995 Cardwells Keep



The Depot continued as, a training centre but on a much reduced establishment.


The outbreak of the Korean War and the continuing Malayan Emergency saw the Depot on a full training programme of recruits. Recruits included Michael Caine the actor. A large number trained at the Depot saw active service with units in Korea and the 1st Battalion of The Queen's during their three and a half years tour in Malaya. Sadly, some never returned.


New recruits arriving. Looking round the Depot, here by the Medenine Gun.

Receiving their uniform & being kitted out. Visit to the museum.

On the barrack square. Barrack room layout.

Physical training. A passing out parade at the Depot.


Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

Passing out parade, 1952.



In 1953 The Colonel-in-Chief Her Majesty Queen Mary died.

Depot Permanent Staff,

Depot Permanent Staff, 1953-54.


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