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Medals of Brigadier General F J Pink CB CMG DSO


Medals of Brigadier General F J Pink, CB, CMG, DSO

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Brigadier General Pink was born on 19th November, 1857, and joined the Regiment from the Royal Wiltshire Militia in 1878, being posted to the 2nd Battalion. He was promoted Lieutenant in March, 1881. He first saw service in the Afghan War, 1879-1880, being employed as officiating Sub-Assistant Commissary-General, Khyber line, and received the medal for this campaign.

He accompanied the 2nd Battalion on the Burmese Expedition, 1886-89 and was appointed Orderly Officer and Intelligence Officer to the Brigadier-General, and later D.A.A. and Q.M.G. He was also Staff Officer to the Karen Field Force. For these operations he was mentioned in Despatches (L.G., 2nd September, 1887, and 15th November, 1889), and received the D.S.O., as well as the India General Service Medal with two clasps. He was employed with the Egyptian Army from 10th May, 1895, until 29th April, 1899, being promoted Major on goth December, 1896. During his service in Egypt he took part in the Expedition to Dongola in 1896, and the Nile Expeditions of 1897 and 1898. In the Dongola Expedition he took part in the operations of 7th june and 19th September, being mentioned in Despatches (L. G. 3rd November, 1896), and received the Egyptian medal with two clasps. In the 1897 Nile Expedition he was again mentioned in Despatches (L.G. 25th january, 1898), and received a casp to Egyptian Medal. In the Nile Expedition of 1898 he commanded a Battalion of Egyptian Infantry at the Battles of Atbara and Khartoum, and was mentioned in Despatches twice (L.G., 24th May and 30th September, 1898), and received the Medal as well as two clasps to Egyptian Medal, was promoted Brevet Lieutenant Colonel.

He proceeded to South Africa with the 2nd Battalion, and served with it throughout the war, being in command from 30th November, 1900, to 31st May, 1902. He was mentioned in Despatches (L.G. 16th April, 1901), and received the Queen's Medal, with five clasps, and the King's Medal and two clasps. He was also made a C.M.G. On 16th November, 1904, he was promoted Brevet Colonel. On 2nd March, 1905, he was promoted Lieutenant Colonel and appointed to command the 1st Battalion then stationed at Sialkote. Very shortly after he had assumed command, the Battalion was awarded the Lord Kitchener Trophy for the most efficient Infantry Battalion in India. His period of command ended in March, 1909, and he was then promoted Colonel and appointed a C.B. Thus ended over thirty-one years' service in the Regiment, years full of incident and achievement.

After a period of half pay he was again employed with the Egyptian Army from 28th September, 1909, until 20th May, 1910, and on 11th November, 1911, he was appointed to command No. 10 District at Hounslow and Officer il c Records, and held the appointment until 13th May, 1914. On the outbreak of war he was appointed Brigadier General, and served at home in various appointments until he finally retired in September, 1916.


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