Captain Henry Barker, 1st Battalion, the Queen's Royal Regiment, remembers the terrible earthquake in Quetta on the North West Frontier of India (now Pakistan) in 1935.
Henry Barker
Captain Henry Barker

Tell me about the Quetta earthquake.
Oh that was another horrible thing. I was in barracks and it happened about 3 minutes past 3 in the morning and I could feel my bed sliding all the way down the barrack room because the beds were on wheels, and when I got up and had a look outside the ruins was out of this world. Then the next day the whole Battalion was digging out bodies, countless bodies. On one occasion we were digging, a chappy said, "Down there bibi", that's his wife, and when we got down there we found a little box with about tuppence in it, and that's all he wanted was the tuppence, digging for nothing. We used to pile the bodies on what they call AT carts, 6 high and about that wide, and cart them off, dead bodies, poor soldiers.