Sergeant Jim Jeffery, 2/5th Battalion, the Queen's Royal Regiment, remembers the horror of the fighting around Anzio, 1944.
Jim Jeffrey
Sergeant Jim Jeffery

Of course Anzio was ghastly and we had several weeks up there, can’t recall how long but several weeks, and with us being in Italy so long since 9th September 1943 and this was the Feb/March 1944 we there were due, probably overdue for a rest and think we were taken out of Anzio and to show how ghastly Anzio was, I don’t know how it came about because although I was MT sergeant I wasn’t driving any vehicle, I was supervisor of the lads driving the vehicles. Somehow I was driving a 3 ton lorry onto the ship that brought us back into Naples and when the covers of the lorry were lifted there were 13 of our dead and I felt that, I don’t know how it came about, but somehow or other these 13 lads dead had been loaded onto the lorry and the driver either wasn’t there or something happened and I drove the vehicle back and I didn’t know until we landed south of Naples that there were 13 dead on there.