Band Sergeant Major Brian Matlock, 1st Battalion, the Queen's Royal Regiment, laments the erosion of military traditions and values by government cutbacks.
Tommy Atkins
Band Sergeant Major Brian Matlock

You see we lost the uniforms. I mean you would see a chap and he would have a colour on his arm and you knew where he was from. Well of course it has all gone. You go out of the camp, you do it in civvies and all that contact is lost in your own home town. You don’t see Jim going home in his uniform – "Oh, he is home on leave again - Coming out for a drink?" You don’t see that any more. It is just a chap in civvies now. No, various governments they have absolutely crucified the service and they have not finished yet and that is for sure, the way they go on. You just think when is someone going to say "For Christ's sake, stop!" or you are going to stand up against this. You know they just don’t care. I mean how they have the bloody neck to go on Remembrance Parade with a poppy I do not know. I am just amazed they have not been stoned quite frankly. I really am amazed that no one has taken up and stoned them for what they have done but this is my opinion. Sad old world, but where do you go.