Private Cyril Dwight, 1st Battalion, the Queen's Royal Regiment, and The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment remembers flying for the first time and eating goldfish on his way home from the East.
Cyril Dwight
Private Cyril Dwight

We were going to come back early and all of a sudden they said you are not going because we were coming back on a troopship, they said that married families have got themselves in a bit of a tiz down in Singapore and they were shipping them out instead of us. We were put back in Nee Soon which was a transit camp and we flew home. There was not any choice in it. They said you are flying home. Never flown in our lives. What is this. They gave us a little bag and changed us into civies. How come? Because we were not allowed to return home in uniform. We got somewhere in Pakistan and the generators had packed up on the plane. We had to stop there while they flew new bits out. First time I had eaten goldfish out there. Waiter came around and a huge silver platter with lots of little goldfish. Thought we have got to eat something. Then we came back, got demobbed.