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The 70th Goblets

There is no record to show where or when these goblets, forty five in number, were purchased but as the first bears the date 11th October 1859 it is probable that they were bought in England before the return of the Regiment from India and New Zealand in 1866. They are of English manufacture.

Capt G R Greaves 11th October 1859   Lieut C Young 16th May 1865
Capt W H Ralston 30th March 1860   Capt G Rogers 16th May 1865
Lieut J F Greerson 30th March 1860   Lieut E Pearson 3rd August 1865
Lieut N Huskisson 22nd August 1860   Lieut T C B Lennard 21st November 1865
Lieut R S Riddell 16th October 1860   Capt J F A Grierson 16th January 1866
Lieut J R Collins 22nd February 1861   Lieut L Hornby 16th January 1866
Lieut H E Whidbourne 6th August 1861   Lt Col C H Ryan 27th November 1866
Lieut W S F Fenlon 6th August 1861   Maj A Saltmarsh 27th November 1866
Lieut H E Bally 31st December 1861   Capt A S Gilbert 27th November 1866
Capt E Gay 31st December 1861   Lieut H B Travers 17th April 1867
Capt A B Wright 9th January 1863   Lieut H C Darley 5th October 1867
Lieut H F Greatwood 9th January 1863   Capt F G Green 9th August 1871
Maj A T Rutherford 27th March 1863   Capt E R S Brauder 26th February 1876
Lt Col T E Mulock 27th March 1863   Capt J H King 21st December 1877
Maj H S Cooper 16th May 1863   Capt J H Maturin 9th March 1878
Capt T D Backhouse 2nd February 1864   Capt F F F Roupell 7th August 1878
Lieut G G Cuppage 5th February 1864   Capt T A Freeman 17th October 1878
Surgeon D C Woodsworth 20th June 1864   Capt R B Burnaby 1st January 1880
Lieut C R Tylden 9th September 1864   Colonel H de R Pigott 1st June 1880
Capt H J Hill 28th October 1864   Capt R H W H Harris 21st June 1880
Capt H Leake 5th December 1864   Capt W A G Smith 21st June 1880
Lieut C W Howard 5th December 1864    


“Presented to Lieut Col Ryan and the Officers of the 70th Regiment by Algernon H. Shepherd as a small memento of their kindness. April 1867.”

“Presented by Lieut Col C.F. Paschal in remembrance of the happy years he passed in the Regiment and of the pleasure he experienced in being present at the presentation of new Colours to the Regiment on 6th August 1867.”

After manufacture each officer on promotion paid five pounds towards the promotion fund and then had his name and date of promotion inscribed on a goblet.

Silver Claret Jugs

Silver Claret Jugs

Silver claret jugs bulged chased vine leaves, lion & flags, vine handles and top. Presented by Lieutenant Colonels Staunton & Spence. Maker John Hunt. London 1850

Historical Note
On 23rd May 1857 a small column under Colonel Chute comprised of seven officers of the 70th Regiment (Captains Evatt and Cooper; Lieutenants Travers, Saltmarshe, Tovey and Menteath, and Asst Surgeon Rogers) nine sergeants and one hundred and fifty- three rank and file of the 70th Regiment, some irregular cavalry under a Colonel Nicholson, with two guns, dealt very effectively with the mutinous 55th Native Infantry at Hoti-Mardan.

Those not killed or dispersed were captured (one hundred and twenty prisoners) were taken to Peshawar for trial and subsequently sentenced to death. The 70th Regiment was mounted on elephants for the operation! The sentence on two thirds of the mutineers was subsequently reduced to various terms of imprisonment, but on 10th June 1857 the remaining
forty mutineers were blown away from guns in the presence of the entire garrison of Peshawar and a great crowd of native spectators.

The names of donors are not recorded but it is believed they were found from the following survivors of the Mutiny Campaign:

Lt Col Chute, Maj Durnford, Capt Pilling, Capt Evatt, Capt Cooper; Lt De Quincey, Lt McNair, Crawley, Crozier, Whigham, Croyton, Bell, Green, Travers, Tovey, Saltmarshe, Menteath; Ensigns Backhouse and Hilton, Paymaster Thompson, and Asst Surgeon Rogers.


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