The Colours of The Second or Queen’s Royal Regiment


New Colours were presented to the Regiment in Gibraltar in 1772. These Colours followed the same pattern as those of 1768, and their presentation is recorded in the Army Inspection Returns for 1772. These Colours remained in service until 1806.

First Colour: Note that the cipher has changed in design and the Regimental title now occupies the first canton.

Figure 8
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In 1795 The Queen’s raised a Second Battalion. This remained in being for one year only and no Colours were authorised for it. The 1st Battalion’s Colours remained in England at this time as the battalion was split between service as marines, and the provision of a large detachment for duty in the West Indies.

In 1801, the Regiment, reunited, took part in the Egyptian campaign for which the distinction, which takes the form of the Sphinx superscribed “Egypt” with a wreath below, was awarded and borne on the Regimental Colour. It is shown as figure 8. The significance of the Sphinx with Egypt is that it is the first battle honour to have been awarded. Those honours which predate it have all been awarded retrospectively.






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