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The Regimental Silver


This part of the Website records the silver which was part of our regiment’s history. All of our former regular, militia and territorial regiments/battalions had wonderful displays of silver. Regimental silver is, of course, family silver and records a part of the history of that particular regiment or battalion. Each piece has a story to tell, whether it be a simple tankard or goblet to the wonderful and lovely intricate workmanship of the silver centrepieces.

The engraving of the silver also records past events, from a Polo Championship to the winning of the Army Football Cup, and the engraving of the goblets which were presented by individual officers to their mess, from Aldershot to Tienstin. Silver drums and bugles were presented by battalions, towns and individuals in memory of men who gave their lives serving their Sovereign, Country and Regiment. Many pieces of silver were presented to record an individual act of gallantry or an action in which elements of the regiment took part.

The silver also records the uniqueness of individual regiments, which makes the British Army so different and better than other armies. Each regiment has its own traditions, dress variations, customs, cap-badges and Battle Honours, all jealously guarded. Our Regiment has been involved in many changes from its first muster to the Cardwell and Haldane Reforms, through two World Wars, the loss of the Second Battalions and Territorial Units after the Second World War - the amalgamation of the 1950s and 1960s to Options for Change in 1992, and the loss of many Territorial units in 1997 as a result of the Strategic Defence Review.

The Queen's Royal Regiment

About the Regimental Silver

The Centrepiece - The Dalhousie Tureen

Replica of the Jerningham-Kandler Wine Cooler, Silver Centrepiece

The Torrens Cup - Silver Drum Major’s Staff

Silver Cigarette Box - The Pink Cigar Box - The Sidi Barrani Cigarette Box

The Malaya Goblets - The Ladies Purse Tankards - The Pink Column - Claret Decanters - Punjab Open Polo Tournament

The Captain Colley Tankard - The Corporal Osgood Statuette -The Smyth Hunting Horn - The Queen Victoria Cup
The Glorious First of June Silver Rose Bowl - The Army in India Infantry Efficiency Prize

Silver Biscuit Boxes - Claret Decanters - The Malta Inter Regimental Polo Cup 1894 -
The Inter Regimental Infantry Polo Cup 1884 - The Warwick Vase
Pair of Silver wine bottle holders - The Monro Rose Bowl - Candelabra

The 2nd Battalion Queen’s Royal Regiment Silver Drum - The HMS Defence Gavel

Silver Table Bell - Helmet Old Infantry Pattern, Table Bell - Colours Stand Centrepiece - Silver Band Programme Frame
Miniature Queen’s Royal Regiment Silver Drum and Paschal Lamb Paper weight - Regimental Point to Point 1896-97

The Murree Hockey Tournament Cup - Sterling Silver Mounted Decanter

The East Surrey Regiment

Silver Drums and Bugles - The XXXI Huntingdonshire Salt

The Dettingen Cup - The Halt in the Desert Centrepiece -The New Centrepiece or Farewell to the Horse

The XXXI Centrepiece - Figure of a Soldier of the 31st Regiment - The Longley Cup
The Bicentenary Bowls - The Freedom of Kingston Casket

Photograph of the late Duke of Kent - 31st Regiment George III Tray - The Candelabra - Display of silver trophies

The Taku Forts Jug - The Huntingdonshire Goblets

The 70th Goblets - Silver Claret Jugs

Sterling Silver Inkstand - Soup Tureens - Sterling Silver Sauce Tureens

The Hunt Cup - The Ashton Trophy - Fragment of Colour XXXI Regiment - Table President and Vice President's Roster Stand

The Attree Cup - The Queen Victoria Cup - Silver Menu holders - Silver Cigarette Box and Cases

The President’s Gong - The Chinese Ornaments - Silver Cigarette Box

Various Silver Items

The Meade Snuff Box -The Kent Snuff Box - The Bigge Snuff Box - The Astier Snuff Box - The Townley Snuff Box

The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment

Tercentenary Silver Tray - Silver Altar Furnishings

The Militia and Territorial Silver

The Sir John Watney Cup - Victorian Sterling Silver Mounted Cut Glass Water Jug - Vase, The Adjutant’s Challenge Cup
The Earl of Onslow .22 Shooting Cup - The John Shaw Challenge Shooting Cup - The Inter-Company Sports Challenge Cup

rThe Mildren Trophy - The Cochrane Trophy - The Territorial - The Wigan Award 1951-1959

The East Surrey Sergeants’ Challenge Cup for Shooting - 3rd Volunteer Battalion The East Surrey Regiment Goblets
The Jephson Bowl - A Paschal Lamb

The 2nd Royal Surrey Militia Candelabra - The Lady Chubb Victorian Silver Tankard -
Silver Bugles and Drum Major’s Staff -The Croydon Tradesmen Challenge Cup

The Drayson Cup - Silver Tankard - The Lovelace Tankard - Porter Jug - Silver Rose Bowl - The Ritchie cigar lighters

The Queen's Regiment


The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment

The aftermath of Options for Change

“These are treasures. They are part of the tradition of service and martial pride which is the heritage of those to whom they belong. We are all brought up to regard them as symbols of great achievements of the glorious past...
These silver tokens are a constant reminder of the loyalty and deep sense of duty of our forebearers and an incentive to all of us to try and do better.
They are part of the great tradition...”

Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer.


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