The Queen's in Burma 1943-1945

The Queen's in Burma
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Chapter 1

1st Bn The Queen's In Arakan

Training in the Teknaf Peninsula

The fighting for Awlanbyn

The Capture of Point 182

The Letwedet Chaung

Formation of defensive boxes

The Battles for the Buthidaung Masses

Departure from Arakan

Chapter 2

1st Bn The Queen's In The Battle For Kohima

The Situation in Kohima

Kohima - The First Attack on Jail Hill

The Second Attack on Jail Hill

The Capture of Naga Village

Chapter 3

1st Bn The Queen's At Ukhru

Ukhrul and Beyond

The Final operations

Chapter 4 1st Bn The Queen's After The Cessation Of Hostilities

A tour of duty in Siam

Chapter 5

2nd Bn The Queen's With The Chindit Force

The formation of the Chindits

The organisation of the Chindits

The march to Indaw

Brigadier Fergusson's official report read





Annex A

Extracts From An Officer's Diary, May 1944

Annex B

Extract From The Diary Of Sgt I C Berry,
Intelligence Corps, 7 Indian Division

Annex C

'Shillong And Back To Burma'
By Major A's C Hobrow, MC

Annex D

'1st Queen's, Burma 1945 & Siam 1946'
By Lieut Colonel J R Terry

Annex E

Extracts From Accounts
Written By Major R A Strand 1946

Annex F

War Memorials Of The 1st Bn
The Queen's Royal Regiment In Burma

Annex G

Major R R Acheson's Account Of 21 Column

Annex H

Some Recollections Of Colour Sergeant Tommy Atkins

Annex I

Major C F Ottaway In Support Of The Columns

Annex J

The Mule In The Chindit Columns

Annex K

The Chindit Soldier On The March

Annex L

A Medical Report By Dr. D Harrison

Officers With The Queen's Colums


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