The Colours of The Second or Queen's Royal Regiment

Colours of the 24th (County of London) Battalion
(The Queens)

Following the outbreak of the Great War they were lodged with due and proper ceremony in the Parish Church of St Mary, Newington. They were restored to the Battalion after the Great War. About a month after the outbreak of the Second World War they were again lodged, but this time in Southwark Cathedral. On the return of the 1/7th (Southwark) Battalion to England in December 1944 from the campaign in North-West Europe, it was decided that whilst the Battalion was stationed at Yeadon, near Leeds, the Colours should be regained for use and display at that station. Accordingly in January 1945 the Colours were taken from Southwark Cathedral, and they then remained in the Officer’s Mess at Yeadon. When in December 1945 the Battalion was ordered to be placed in suspended animation, arrangements were made for them to be lodged again in Southwark Cathedral; and this was done the same month. Here they remained until the Regiment was adopted by the Borough of Southwark, and on 24th February 1951 the Colours were received by the Regiment which marched them back to the Headquarters in Braganza Street; this was the last time they were publicly paraded in the streets.

The 7th Battalion became an artillery regiment after the Second World War, but kept the Colours until they were laid up on 12th November 1961 at St Mary’s, Newington.

A Christmas Card of the 24th, 1914
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