The Colours of The Second or Queen's Royal Regiment

The 5th Battalion

The 5th Queen’s had originally been a Rifle Volunteer Battalion and had clung to the black badges and accoutrements of a rifle regiment long after the formation of the Territorial Force. It was not, therefore, until 1926 that the battalion finally took on a stand of Colours. These, the only Colours the Battalion was to hold, were presented on 28th April at Guildford by HM Queen Mary, as shown in figure 34. The Colours had been subscribed for and worked by the ladies of Surrey and followed the same design as those of the 4th Battalion except for the distinguishing numeral V. Unlike the 4th Battalion, the King’s Colour was emblazoned with the Second World War Battle Honours.

The Colours in Croydon Chapel.   Colours infromation plaque.

These Colours remained in service until the Battalion was amalgamated with the 4th and 6th Queen’s, after which they were laid up in Holy Trinity Church, Guildford, on 25th October 1964.



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