The Colours of The Second or Queen’s Royal Regiment


The Queen's Emblem

The Colours of The Queen’s Royal Regiment are of interest for several reasons: first because of the antiquity of the Regiment and the amount of source material available; secondly because of various unique distinctions borne upon them; and thirdly because of the existence of a third Colour of the Regiment. This chapter traces the history of the Colours of the Regular Regiment from 1661 to 1959, the history of the third or Colonel’s Colour, the Colours of the Volunteers and last, the Colours of the Service Battalions of the Great War.

Before continuing, a cautionary word is required. Sealed patterns of Colours have in the past been deposited in the War Office, the Ministry of Defence, and the College of Arms; however these patterns only describe the Colours as they were at the time of presentation. The older Colours became, especially in former times when Colours remained in service for considerable periods rather than the paltry twenty or twenty-five years now usual, the more they varied from the original pattern. Battle honours and distinctions were added, titles changed, even the size could be altered according either to battle damage or Royal Warrants.



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