The Onslows and the Regiment

Richard Onslow 1601-64
Richard Onslow 1601-64.
Clandon Park House.
Clandon Park House.
2nd Royal Surrey Militia Barracks,
2nd Royal Surrey Militia Barracks,
Guildford 1876.

Lord Onslow and his family have been great supporters of the regiment and were instrumental in the museum coming to Clandon in 1979/80.

In 1641 Sir Richard Onslow purchased Clandon Park.

In 1650 Oliver Cromwell Ordered a Regiment of Militia to be raised in Surrey and gave command to Sir Richard Onslow thus began 200 years of service between the Onslow's and the Surrey Regiments.

Cromwell needed a Regiment to help fight Charles 1st son who had landed in Dunbar but the battle was won before the Surrey Militia could be got there.

The Onslow family held the appointment of Lord Lieutenant of Surrey from 1717 to 1814 and as such were responsible for the up keep of the Royal Surrey Militia.

The Surrey Militia were called to duty on many occasions during the Onslow's service including.

1665 The London Plague
1666 The Great Fire of London
1685 The Monmouth Rebellion

Appointment held by the Onslow family

1650 Sir Richard Onslow
Colonel of The Surrey Militia

1759 The Hon. George Earl of Onslow
Lt. Colonel 2nd Surrey Militia
Colonel until 1765

1797 The Hon. Thomas Earl of Onslow
Colonel of the Regiment until 1852

1798 Arthur George Onslow
Captain of the Regiment

1812 The Hon. Thomas Cranley Onslow
Colonel Commandant until 1852

1836 Augustus Cranley Onslow
Lieutenant 1836-1853

1842 Viscount Lord Arthur Cranley
Captain 1842,
Major 1846,
Lt. Colonel 1850-1855

The Royal Surrey Militia

The Royal Surrey Militia never left the kingdom for service as a unit although they went to Ireland in 1811 to release regular troops to go to fight Napoleon's troops in the Peninsular War and from Ireland many soldiers volunteered to join the regular army for the duration of that war.

The Royal Surrey Militia   The Royal Surrey Militia   The Royal Surrey Militia
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After Napoleon escaped from Elba The Surrey Militia volunteered for service again and over two hundred fought with the Guards at Waterloo many of them in their Surrey Militia uniforms.

The Viscountess Cranley Onslow presented the 2nd Royal Surrey Militia with new Colours on 10th May 1854 in Guildford.


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