An Infantry Company in Arakan and Kohima


This story of these men would be incomplete without briefly tracing their movements until the peace.

The rest of May was spent in the Naga village, scrapping for “Church Knoll,” which eventually fell to “B” Company.

Most of the remainder of the monsoon weeks they were on that tortuous march in knee-deep mud and perpetual rain along the track to Ukrul with the rest of 33rd Brigade.

A period of rest and reorganization was spent between September, 1944, and March, 1945.

By the end of this month they were across the Chindwin. Then there were actions in April in the area of the oilfields of Chauk and Yenanyaung.

July would have seen them in the swamps of the Sittang Bend—patrolling, being counter-attacked and attacking.

It was at Pegu that they received news of the Japanese unconditional surrender on 15th August, 1945.


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