As mentioned in the Introduction, there are many books on the Malayan Campaign. The following were consulted in the preperation of this account.

Regimental History of The Royal Leicetershire Regiment
Regimental History of The East Surrey Regiment
'Out in the Midday Sun' by Kate Caffrey
'History of the British Battalion' by Chye Kooi Loong
'The Drummer Boy' by Leonard Phillips*

Other books which deal with the years of captivity are:

'The Endless Years' by Captain John T Barnard*
'The Naked Island' by Russell Braddon
'Railroad of Death' by John Coast
'Quiet Jungle Angry Sea' by Dennis Gavin*
'White Coolie' by John Hastain
'The Burma-Siam Railway' by Dr Robert Hardie

* Served in the 2nd Bn The East Surrey Regiment in Malaya

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