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City of London, Presentation Swords

In the early years of the nineteenth century, the Patriotic Fund of Lloyds presented swords to officers who had distinguished themselves in battle. Out of 176 swords so awarded, only six went to Army Officers, the others being officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. Officers of both our former Regiments were honoured with this unique distinction .

Lieutenant Mathias Everard, Queen's Royal Regiment.

Lieutenant Mathias Everard, a young Irish officer of the Queen's displayed exceptional gallantry and leadership during the assault on Monte Video in February 1807. After heavy fighting, in which 22 of his specially selected force of 30 had been killed or wounded, Lieutenant Everard was the first to enter the town. The Regimental History records 'For his gallant conduct on this memorable occasion, Lieutenant Everard was presented with a sword by the Patriotic Fund at Lloyds and honoured with a Presentation of the Freedom of the City of Dublin.'

QRR History, Vol IV p15

Captain Edward Carey Fleming, 2/31st Regiment.

The other officer was Captain Edward Carey Fleming of the 2/31st Regiment at the Battle of Albuhera in May 1811, in which he was badly wounded in the head. Fleming, an officer with nine years service, had obtained his Company in the 1/31st Regiment at the storming of Rosetta in 1807. He retired -as a Major General and died in 1860.

ES History, Vol I p98-125


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