Regimental Timeline

The East Surrey Regiment

The Second World War: 1942


  The East Surrey Regiment

1st Battalion

April - May

Richmond, Yorks, and Dunblane, Scotland. 11 Inf Bde transferred to 78th Division.


Embarks at Glasgow.

27th October

Operation Torch – North Africa.

7th November

Algiers landing.

17th - 26th November

Advance on Tunis.

27th November

Battle of Tebourba.


2nd Battalion

15th February

Surrender of all Empire forces in Malaya and Singapore. British Battalion into captivity.

16th June

11th Battalion reconstituted as 2nd Battalion at Dorking. Joins 184 Inf Bde (61st Division) Dover.

Territorial Army

1st/6th Battalion

6th March

Inspected at Basingstoke by King George VI.


Moves to Scotland.


2nd/6th Battalion


Burnham Market, Norfolk.


Moves to Thetford.

Home Defence Battalions

9th Battalion


Northern Ireland.


10th Battalion




11th Battalion


Britain. Reconstituted as 2nd Battalion at Dover.
  70th (Young Soldiers) Battalion


Charlton, near Canterbury.


Home Guard Battalions
  3rd (Weybridge), 51st (Malden), 52nd, 53rd (Molesey), 54th, 55th, 56th (Epsom, Ewell and Banstead), 62nd (Norbury), 63rd (Richmond), Battalions affiliated.


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