Regimental Timeline

The Second or The Queen's Royal Regiment

1660-1661: The Restoration


Royalist Regiments Protectorate Regiments

Farrell’s and Fitzgerald’s Regiments remain with rump of Royalist Army in exile.

Lillingstone’s, Alsop’s and Reynolds’s Regiments in Dunkirk purged of republicans. Become Sir Robert Harley’s and Lockhart’s Regiments.


A doglock military flintlock

A doglock military flintlock of the 1660s


  The Tangier Regiment of Foot

12th March


Farrell's and Fitzgerald's Irish regiments join Dunkirk garrison under Sir Robert Harley.



Andrew Rutherford, Earl of Teviot, assumes governorship of Dunkirk and Colonelcy of Reynold's Regiment.


Royal Warrent and recruiting for Peterborough's Regiment in London and Surrey.


14th October

First muster of Peterborough's Regiment on Putney Heath.


4th November

Peterborough's Regiment marches to Portsmoth for embarkation.


First muster, Putney Heath.

First muster, Putney Heath.


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