Regimental Timeline

The Second or The Queen's Royal Regiment

1662: The Occupation of Tangier and Dunkirk

Regimental Colours

Regimental Colours are the Colonel's on the left and the Major's on the right.
Centre; Matchlock and firelock, types of Officer's and Private's sword and an
Officer's full dress sash. The silver gorget was worn by ensigns. A Partisan, carried
by lieutenants is shown right.


  The Tangier Regiment of Foot  

16th January

Peterborough’s Regiment sails from the Downs for Tangier.

Harley’s, Fitzgeralds and Farrells’ Regiments sail from Dunkirk for the Downs, then Tangier.

30th January

Garrison musters in Tangier with four Regiments: two English (Peterborough’s and Harley’s) and two Irish (Farrell’s and Fitzgerald’s).



First engagement with the Moors. Fighting continues until November with Harley’s Regiment bearing the brunt.



Truce with the Moors: lasts only a short time.

Dunkirk evacuated. Rutherford’s and Alsop’s Regiments disbanded; troops shipped to Tangier and incorporated into the Governor’s and Lieutenant Governor’s Regiments.


A doglock military flintlock

View of Tangier taken from without the watergate.


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