Regimental Timeline

The Second or The Queen's Royal Regiment

1669-1684: Tangier and the Fight against the Moors


Matchlock Musket

Matchlock Musket, Plug Bayonet and Infantryman's Sword.

  The Tangier Regiment of Foot

Alternate periods of fighting and truce with the Moors.

25th Janaury 1675

Death of Colonel Middleton. Lieutenant Governor, Sir Palmes Fairborne, appointed to command jointly with Colonel Alsop in the absence of the new Governor, the Earl of Inchquin.


Considerable work on the fortifications of Tangier, and the Mole, carried out.

Hat and Sentinel’s Hanger

Cartridge bandolier, 1650-1685.
Known as the "Twelve Apostles".


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