Regimental Timeline

The Second or The Queen's Royal Regiment



  The Tangier Regiment of Foot

25th March

Large Moorish Army invests Tangier.

13th May

Moors capture Kendall, Charle, Pole and Henrietta Forts.

2nd June

Four new companies arrive from England. Governor’s regiment formed into two battalions.

30th July

Two regiments of Guards, with Dumbarton’s Regiment, arrive in Tangier. Earl of Ossory appointed Governor; Sir Palmes Fairborne remains in command.

20th September

Sortie and battle before Tangier. Forts retaken and refortified.

24th October

Sir Palmes Fairborne killed. Colonel Sackville appointed Governor.


Six months’ truce with the Moors. Earl of Plymouth appointed Governor and Colonel of the Governor’s Regiment.


Arrival of 2nd Tangier Regiment in two battalions under Piercy Kirk and Charles Trelawney.

The Monmouth Cap 1680

1681 - 1682
  The Tangier Regiment of Foot


Kirke’s emissary to the Moors.

25th March 1682

Kirke appointed Governor and Colonel of the Governor’s Regiment.


  The Tangier Regiment of Foot


Treaty of Whitehall.


Destruction of the Mole and fortifications of Tangier commences.

14th September

Arrival of the English fleet.


  The Queen's Regiment

20th February

Tangier Regiment returns home on the evacuation of Tangier, and on 1st May is designated The Queen’s Regiment, with seniority as Second in the Line.


Four companies sent to Ireland.



Monmouth's Rebellion

  The Queen's Regiment

1st January 1685

The Queen’s Regiment redesignated The Queen Dowager’s Regiment on the death of Charles II and accession of James II.

10th June

James Duke of Monmouth lands at Lyme Bay and raises rebellion.

6th July

Battle of Sedgemoor concludes Monmouth’s rebellion.

  The Queen Dowager's Regiment of Foot

The Queen’s redesignated as The Queen Dowager’s Regiment.


Regiment at Plymouth, then to Kingston.




Hounslow Camp; companies in Ireland return.


Exeter and Taunton.

The Battle of Sedgemoor.


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