Regimental Timeline

The East Surrey Regiment

The Second World War: 1940


  The East Surrey Regiment

1st Battalion


Moves to Saar front (Maginot Line).


Moves to the Dyle, Brussels and the Charleroi canal.

18th - 22nd May

Withdraws to the Escaut, battle on the Escaut.

25th May

Withdraws to the Lys.

27th - 31st May

Retreat to Dunkirk, embarkation and return to England.

4th June

Battalion begins to re-form at Axminster.


2nd Battalion



21st August

Moves to Singapore/Malaya.

The Bren Gun, issued to the British Army in 1938. This a Mark II. Also shown are the large holdall for the spare barrel and cleaning rod.
The pockets hold various items, such as the oil bottle, graphite grease, mop, wire brush and anti-fouling tool.
On the right is the spare parts wallet, which also contains the pull-through and oil can. The magazine box above holds twelve magazines.

Territorial Army

1st/6th Battalion

5th April

Embarks at Southampton for France and moves to the Belgian frontier. Joins 10 Infantry Brigade (4th Division).

14th April

Moves to defensive positions on the Senne.

17th - 19th May

Withdraws to the Dendre, then the Escaut.


Withdraws into France.

22nd May

Retreat to Dunkirk, defence of the perimeter.

27th - 31st May

Embarks and returns to England. Re-forms at Milbourne Port, Hampshire.

June - October

Defence of the South coast of England.




2nd/6th Battalion


Moves to Richmond. Joins 37 Inf Bde (12th Division).

21st April

Embarks at Southampton for France and moves to Le Havre.

18th May

Moves to Rouen area.

20th May

Moves to Lyon area.

21st May

Withdraws to Dieppe area.

4th June

Returns to Rouen area.

6th - 9thJune

Heavy fighting against Germans.

11th June

Moves to St Valery and joins 51st (Highland) Division.

12th June

Surrenders at St Valery. Battalion into captivity.


Battalion re-formed in England from rear details and drafts. Coastal defence duties.

Home Defence Battalions

8th Battalion


Transferred to the Corps of The East Surrey Regiment at Rochester.


Manpower transferred to 70th Battalion.


9th Battalion


Formed at Romford; coastal defence duties.


Moved to Northern Ireland.


10th Battalion

4th July

Formed at Kingston. Moved to Ilfracombe, then Bideford on coastal defence duties.


11th Battalion


Formed at Dover from 50th (Holding) Battalion.


50th (Holding) Battalion

28th May

Formed at Dover.


Dorking. Redesignated as 11th Battalion.


70th (Young Soldiers) Battalion


Formed from two coys of 8th (HS) Bn.


Coastal Defence in the Thames Estuary.

Home Guard Battalions

3rd (Weybridge), 51st (Malden), 52nd, 53rd (Molesey), 54th, 55th, 56th (Epsom, Ewell and Banstead), 62nd (Norbury), 63rd (Richmond), Battalions affiliated.


ITC moves to Richmond Park.


Web Equipment (Braithwaite) 1937.

Web Equipment (Braithwaite) 1937.


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