Regimental Timeline

The East Surrey Regiment

The Second World War: 1945


  The East Surrey Regiment

1st Battalion


Operations in Italy.

2nd May

German surrender.

8th May

Occupation of Austria – battalion moves to Carinthia.


Moves to Vienna.


2nd Battalion


Britain. Preparations for the invasion of Japan.

15th August

Japanese surrender.


Original 2nd Bn PoWs freed in Singapore.


PoWs and Colours return to Britain.

30th November

Colours trooped at West Chiltington, Sussex. New Colours presented.

7th December

Embarks at Liverpool for Egypt (Canal Zone).

16th December

Moves to Haifa, Palestine.

31st December

Arrived Port Said.


Arrived Haifa, Palestine.

Territorial Army

1st/6th Battalion


Operations against ELAS in Greece.

6th January

Athens cleared.


Joins 13th Division.


2nd/6th Battalion


Whittlesham, Norfolk, as a training battalion.

Home Defence Battalions

10th Battalion



Home Guard Battalions
  3rd (Weybridge), 51st (Malden), 52nd, 53rd (Molesey),
54th, 55th, 56th (Epsom, Ewell and Banstead),
62nd (Norbury), 63rd (Richmond),
64th (Kingston) Battalions stood down and disbanded.
  Joins Home Counties Brigade Group Training Depot.

6th June 1999 The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment Association, with approval of Guildford Cathedral authorities erected two stained glass windows
to the men of the Queen's Royal and East Surrey Regiment who had served as member of Home Guard.


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