Regimental Timeline

The Second or The Queen's Royal Regiment

The Second World War: 1939-1945


  The Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey)

1st Battalion

March - June

Operations in Burma.


The Sittang Bend.

14th July

Surrender of Japan.

11th August

Moves to Pegu, then to Bangkok.


2nd Battalion (2nd Foot)


Jhansi, India. Contingent forms the core of a Parachute Battalion.

21st June

Poona. Joins 29 Infantry Brigade (36th Division).

14th July

Surrender of Japan.




Internal Security duties in Bombay.

Territorial Army


1st/5th Battalion

6th June 1999 The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment Association, with approval of Guildford Cathedral authorities erected two stained glass windows to the men of the Queen's Royal and East Surrey Regiments who had served as member of the Home Guard.


Operation Blackcock.


Inspected by Field Marshall Montgomery. Crossing of the Rhine and advance to the Ems.


Advance to the Aller; capture of Hamburg.

2nd May

Surrender of Germany.


Moves to occupy British sector of Berlin. Victory Parade.


1st/6th Battalion


Helmsley, Yorks.

23rd December

Embarks for Egypt.


1st/7th Battalion


Yeadon, Leeds, as a training battalion.


169 (Queen’s) Infantry Brigade
(2nd/5th, 2nd/6th and 2nd/7th Battalions)


The River Senio.


Comacchio, Menate and Longastrino; Argenta; the advance to the River Po; the capture of Venice.

2nd May

Surrender of German troops in Italy.

7th May

Moves to Jugoslav border near Trieste.

1st June

Whole Brigade celebrates the Regimental Day.


71st Independent Company



20th September


Home Defence Battalions


30th Battalion

25th September

Receives Freedom of Guildford on behalf of the Regiment.


Absorbed into 30th Middlesex.


31st Battalion


Home Service.

Home Guard Battalions


1st (Camberley and Farnham), 2nd, 4th (Guildford), 5th (Godalming and Dist), 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th (Woking and Chobham), 10th, 12th 3rd (Southern Railway), 23rd (Croydon), 33rd (Croydon), 32nd, 60th (Surrey) Battalions stood down and disbanded.



Joins Home Counties Brigade Group Training Depot.


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